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Some Textures not loading at all - R9 390

Question asked by thorolf on Feb 10, 2016

Computer is freezing up, sound still playing, then won't send any signal to the monitor, even when I restart it. Eventually it comes back to me after various no signal restarts and hang ups.


Last night I played some Heroes of the Storm (re: settings I run everything maxed) after this happened and none of the ground textures were loading in, but other than that the game played ok.


How do I diagnose what the problem is? Is it most likely power, motherboard or graphics card (which is a fairly new 390 connected via DP)? Or are the textures not loading in a giveaway that it's related to memory (Would that be VRAM or regular RAM or HDD/SDD)?


I'm usually ok with finding and applying fixes myself but this one just seems like it could be anything and I need some advice from the professionals!


Nothing is overclocked, although in the event viewer there are some MSI Afterburner errors even though I don't have that installed (used to but it caused crashes and screwed my old 290).




Crimson CCC (not the hotfix)

Windows10 64 Bit

BenQ XL2730z via DP 2560x1440p @ 144Hz (says 100Hz in windows)

Gigabyte R9 390

i5 4670k

ASrock z87m Extreme 4

620W Gold Rated Antec modular PS




Pls help D: