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why does black screen occur?

Question asked by retiredamder on Feb 10, 2016
Latest reply on May 23, 2016 by sgagrx

I have read many posts dating back a year or so about the black screen problem, in several versions of windows with various cpu and gpu combinations. Many apparent fixes, but never and real solid reason why it helps. Any given fix works for some but not for others. I run crossfire with matched R260x MSI cards and a  pure AMD system ( as possible) have another brand of good memory as I ran out of cash and AMD Radeon is out of my budget still. I wonder is it due to page swapping error? Crossfire method? There must be some underlying reason that would make sense. Yet it alludes me. The last time I had the issue It just went away one day and now it is back. I never saw it until I put the Win 10 Pro on the system and It has been install 5 times and the last 3 times were clean reinstall, and 2 on a new hard drive. I downloaded fresh install setup before my last install, yesterday. The problem appears to be worse today than  yesterday. I fear it will continue to degrade. Any hard evidence for a real reason would be greatly appreciated. The Windows 10 boards are a major waste of time with people answering for points, with stupid comments and worthless information. I have confidence that real conversations can and do occur here.