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    Why does my monitor keep sleeping?


      Hi all,


      I have a newly purchased Radeon R9 390 X running with a Dell U2415. On first installation of the driver (16.1) on Windows 7 x64, the display went black and the computer was not responding anymore. Afterwards, windows would start, but when opening any window a black screen and complete system freeze occurred. I re-installed windows and installed the same driver version on the clean windows installation. Now I cannot let my computer go to sleep, because when it does, the monitor will not wake up from power-saving mode (the computer itselt does, though). Re-plugging the displayport cable did not change anything...


      I was doing a little search in this forum and it seems like this is a really nasty problem with (at least in this forums) no known solution, occuring quite often, Isnt there really a thing to do?


      The card is not overclocked, its on factory settings. In games or desktop usage, everything is working fine

      Rest of the machine:


      CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1231

      MB:   Asus H97M Plus

      Power supply: Seasonic X-Series 660W

      32 Gig RAM