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    APU heat generation and dissipation/Linux drivers




      since my first PC I use AMD processors. I'm thinking about upgrading to new APU processor (FM2+),

      so I did a small research and have questions. Could someone guide me a little further?

      My last processors were Athlon II x2 245 and Phenom II x4 945, so I'm very fresh to this APU thing.


      1. I watched some benchmarks; for example, during Witcher 2 gaming power consumption of APU

      is not exceeding 100 W.

      My old dedicated nVidia GT 220 takes about 60 W alone, and R7 is much stronger card.

      Is the APU (HSA) technology so efficient, that stressed CPU and GPU will really generate about 100 W only?

      Is this the maximum heat generation from APU I can expect (A8-7600)?

      The heatsink in BOX edition is pretty the same I had with my Athlon II x2 245, so I'm a little confused


      2. I'm a Linux guy; as for GPU I always used nVidia because of alleged bad quality of open-source/closed

      drivers for Radeon hardware (my experienced friends were saying that, I trust them; so was Internet, but

      I did not trust the Internet that much ). How is the situation now? Please, tell only if you are really using

      the APU under Linux I have new Athlon X4 840, but I will replace it with APU if things are good

      (it's so hard to get black laminate GPU to match a motherboard )


      PS. Did you have problems with downloading drivers from:

      Download Drivers

      When I manually select drivers and click Download, nothing happens at all.


      Best Regards,



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          The advertised TDPs on the AMD products are accurate. Part of the reason why an APU is more efficient is because the CPU and GPU are on the same die and so close that lower power is required. Lower power = less heat. A HSF sized for a 100W APU would be similar to a HSF sized for a 100W CPU only. The thermal load is essentially 100W regardless of if it's produced by just the CPU or by the combined CPU/GPU.


          I am not a Linux user but I do know that AMD has made a very Big step forward in graphic drivers for Linux as well as Windows. In fact there is a growing interest in Linux based games as they often run faster on Linux than games on Windows. The days of weak AMD graphics drivers are hopefully over with new attention being paid to them.


          I tried the manual driver download and it worked for me but it may depend on what driver you're trying to download or there might be a server issue?