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APU heat generation and dissipation/Linux drivers

Question asked by kmwil on Feb 10, 2016
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since my first PC I use AMD processors. I'm thinking about upgrading to new APU processor (FM2+),

so I did a small research and have questions. Could someone guide me a little further?

My last processors were Athlon II x2 245 and Phenom II x4 945, so I'm very fresh to this APU thing.


1. I watched some benchmarks; for example, during Witcher 2 gaming power consumption of APU

is not exceeding 100 W.

My old dedicated nVidia GT 220 takes about 60 W alone, and R7 is much stronger card.

Is the APU (HSA) technology so efficient, that stressed CPU and GPU will really generate about 100 W only?

Is this the maximum heat generation from APU I can expect (A8-7600)?

The heatsink in BOX edition is pretty the same I had with my Athlon II x2 245, so I'm a little confused


2. I'm a Linux guy; as for GPU I always used nVidia because of alleged bad quality of open-source/closed

drivers for Radeon hardware (my experienced friends were saying that, I trust them; so was Internet, but

I did not trust the Internet that much ). How is the situation now? Please, tell only if you are really using

the APU under Linux I have new Athlon X4 840, but I will replace it with APU if things are good

(it's so hard to get black laminate GPU to match a motherboard )


PS. Did you have problems with downloading drivers from:

Download Drivers

When I manually select drivers and click Download, nothing happens at all.


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