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Trouble from the start. Unstable performance/graphics, black screen on start up. Help.

Question asked by hansperdman on Feb 9, 2016

Hello all


I just built a PC for gaming only 3 weeks ago and experienced more problems I can handle. Had it connected it to a Samsung 32" HDTV 720p via HDMI.  native aspect ratio is 1360 x 768. This is a lot of information and a lot of trial and error, more error on my part so please bear with me in helping finding a solution.


Intel i5 4460
Asus Z87-plus motherboard
PowerColor R9 280x
SSD for boot up and some smaller programs

HDD dedicated for games.

Running Windows OS 10


Problems frequently getting:

*black screen on wake up from sleep mode (No Windows logo or prompt to go into BIOS as well)

*black screen from power up

*sometimes no audio after coming out of sleep mode

*sometimes screen show desktop, but video is lagging and theres no audio

*experienced lag spikes and sporadic FPS jumps in games (Skyrim, Subnautica). There are certain things to remedy these problems in game or driver settings, but some of the same problems carried over other games, which led me to believe something is wrong with my GPU.


I first had the lastest version of AMD catalyst control center which I downloaded using the CD disc the GPU came with. I then uninstalled that to install the newer edition of Crimson. Once doing so it erased the HDMI audio drivers so, I didnt have audio. I had to reinstall in order to get that back. Also I had to reinstall it in order to go into "additional settings" in the AMD Radeon Settings (the new Crimson update). you see i used the AMD uninstall utility and i think it uninstalled some files I needed for "additional settings" in the new update.  After updating I would restart a handful of times, but then coming back to computer after be shut down for several hours I still experienced the black screen issue.


These problem arise very randomly and most of the time when coming out of sleep mode or powering on.  My quick and temporary fixes are to restart or power off with HDMI cable detached. 50% it works either way. Sometimes it starts up to desktop, but lately its been going to black screen. No windows logo, no start up, just black screen.



Have swapped HDMI cables and still have same problems with black screen.


I tried restarting directly into BIOS using the DirectKey button on Motherboard and it still restarted back into black screen.



Earlier today after hours of troubleshooting I luckily got on the desktop and I tried ASUS 4-way optimization in their AI suite to see if it would optimize my GPU settings with hopes of fixing some things and well, once it restarted it powered back on to a black screen and currently wont come back to the desktop. I waited about 2 hours before powering off with the assumption it was doing the 4-part optimization, but in doing so i think screwed it all up completely. Powered off then back on only to find a black screen again and everytime after.



Went on and tried another monitor with HDMI (Emerson 19"). Powered off, plugged in - still getting black screen so Im thinking its drivers/GPU or motherboard set to something in BIOS where its not showing video. Again tried many variations of plugging it in.



Looked into but not sure about doing:

MemOK! button located on motherboard which is for RAM test/memory tuning process to see if the RAM im using is bad or non compatible with motherboard. When I was in BIOS it showed everything was working in terms of RAM. It was read fine. Im unsure to try this out as it states in manual this does not work in Window OS environment and I wouldnt know how to work it if I cant monitor anything. I dont want to turn the computer off while its doing an important test or assessment.


Clear RTC RAM using Jumper on Mobo.

Allows to clear any RTC RAM in CMOS.

I dont know if this is safe to do or it will have any effect.


There are many places to look on the web and doing research on this (and many many other gaming/software problems) for the past 2 weeks it looks like this GPU is notorious for black screen problems. I dont think i can send my GPU in since I did a rebate so stuck with that. Really stuck here. I have an overpriced paper weight in my room. Any help is greatly appreciated since i would love to get this working. I came from MACs and console gaming. Please dont hold it against me. Had no clue it would be this frustrating.