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    Windows 10 Phones Home (Alot)


      Windows 10 phones home (A LOT) even with all reporting and telemetry disabled

      One computer user has become so disillusioned with Windows 10's spying features that he has been driven to using Linux Mint as his primary operating system. But Voat user CheesusCrust was curious to find out just how pervasive Microsoft's privacy invasion is. The results of his investigation are quite staggering.


      Using a router kitted out with DD-WRT, and a copy of Windows 10 Enterprise installed in a virtual machine on his Linux laptop, he started by disabling every single one of the tracking and telemetry features found in the operating system. Eight hours later, 4,000 connection attempts to 93 different IP addresses were logged, with most of these IPs addresses being linked to Microsoft.


      One could say that Enterprise users have IT departments which can keep this from occurring, but one could also say these provide vectors for intrusion....