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    Opinion on Crossfire graphics please.


      I've got a Crossfire enabled motherboard that supports 4 video cards and I want to know if The AMD Radeon R series has any significant advancement in technology over the AMD HD series, specifically an HD 6870 which is the minimum requirements for a game I have. Anything besides things like fabrication processes, steam processors, and clocks which I think can just be added up amongst all of the video cards.

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          The R9 series has many advantages over the HD series. If you are intending to CrossFire then Frame Pacing is the main difference, outside of the obvious performance increases. One other difference to note, CrossFire on the R7 260/260X/360, R9 290/290/380/380X/390/390, R9 Fury/Nano/FuryX do not require a CrossFire bridge as they communicate via the PCI-E bus. More on XDMA technology here. I would recommend checking out some product reviews for more details.

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            This isn't the answer you were looking for but I would strongly advise you to do a search for Crossfire on this forums before you make the decision to go CrossFire. There are numerous issues surrounding CrossFire at the moment and that's apart from the Red Screens I'm experiencing ever since I made the move to Windows 10.


            There are of course users who aren't experiencing any issues at all but if I were in your position now, knowing what I know, and taking into consideration the dwindling amount of games that support multi-GPU without some sort of issue I would advise you to buy the most powerful single GPU you can afford. I unfortunately own a laptop so I need CrossFire to work for me since upgrading is not that easy.