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    The ultimate Socket Super 7- Rig



      I'm not rich, so the creation of my rigs has not much to do with spending money. It is research, AMD- oldie community work, enthusiasm, patience, a little bit of luck and the need to have a screwdriver or a soldering iron in my hand. Sure, I did pay money for many parts, but in most cases I was only able to spend a small amount. So I am a guy who searches the bay not on a sunday afternoon, but in the middle of the night.




      CPUAMD K6-III+ 400ATZ @ 600MHz
      CoolerAlpha PAL6035 later it got a Kanie Hedghog 238M
      MotherboardEpox EP-MVP3G5
      Memory3x 256MB Infineon PC-133/ CL2
      GraphicsDiamond Viper V770ultra + 2x Diamond Monster 3D II 12MB
      Disc Drive 12 old drives which
      Disc Drive 2lay on top in the box
      Disc Drive 3with old HDD`s
      PSUEnermax 350W
      Casenormally a CS-601, but this is a Chieftech Dragon, because the 601 was about to get painted
      MonitorI mostly use a 17" Eizo to test my oldie-rigs



      SS7 01c.jpg


      The soundcard is one of my fav. ISA soundcards, the Terratec Maestro 32/96


      EPOX MVP3G5 01.jpgAMD K6-III+ 400ATZ.jpgKanie Hedgehog 238M.JPG2x 256MB Infineon SD-RAM PC133 CL2 SS7 01.jpgDiamond_Viper_V770_Ultra 01.jpgDiamond Monster II 12MB 01.jpgTT Maestro 3296 01.JPGEnermax 350W.jpg