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Radeon Crimson settings refuse to open

Question asked by fuuy on Feb 9, 2016

Go to taskbar - Right click icon - Radeon Crimson Settings - Loading circle on mouse pointer - Radeon Crimson disappears from taskbar.


Go to C - Program Files - AMD - CNext - CNext - CNext.exe - Loading circle on mouse pointer - Nothing happens


I first installed Crimson immediately after a fresh install of Windows 7 64bit on my SSD.  Updated to SP1 before installing the driver if that makes a difference. 


The first install was 16.1.1, then after the problem started I tried 15.12 as people in the forums here have said that reverting back to 15.12 was a "workaround" for many issues.  I used the amd clean uninstall utility to revert from 16.1.1 to 15.12, then again from 15.12 to 16.1.1 and still have the same issue.  I am just completely unable to open the settings, and the only way to get the taskbar icon to come back is to restart my system.


Radeon 7850 1gb is the card I have


Please help