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crimson driver messed up my resolution

Question asked by sipix22 on Feb 9, 2016
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So i downloaded the new Crimson Driver after buying rise of the tomb raider and not getting a decent FPS i simply assumed it was because i simply needed to update the driver, but now after updating my screens resolution has been messed up i can no longer see my start bar properly and everything on the sides and top are all cut off aswell as you can see in the attached file, i tried going into the control panel and using a smaller resolution but that just leaves me with big black borders around my screen.


here are my computers specs in case anyone is wondering

CPU: AMD FX8320 - 3.5GHz

GPU: HD 7870 2GB


Monitor: ACER K242HQK


My question is if anyone else is having this problem and has anyone solved it or know a possible way to fix it?