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    Crossfire REQUIRING profiles with16.1.1, no option to FORCE crossfire


      With Crimson 15.12, I can mess with the registry settings to get crossfire to work, but messing with the registry settings for 16.1.1 does nothing. Even going through and setting EnableCrossfireforNonProfileApps to 1 (on), does nothing. I noticed that in 15.12 it requires forcing it in the AMD Crimson program via the Force Crossfire option, however that option isn't in 16.1.1 (Feb 4th). Even if you do not have Crimson installed with 15.12, installing it, setting the force crossfire option on, then uninstalling it will keep the force crossfire option selected.


      AMD please give back the option to force crossfire. Changing registry values seems to do nothing so it seems to be something in the driver itself that is requiring you to have the AMD Crimson program, and to specifically use set profiles for crossfire (which many times does not work, even if there is a profile).


      Is AMD trying to discourage Crossfire now? Amd will only lose money from this.