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Windows10 upgrade reservations - AMD/ATI Mobility Radeon HD5430 fine but AIO MSI Monitor is not

Question asked by hlemos on Feb 9, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2016 by kingfish

I have a MSI All-IN-ONE PC, more specifically the model MSI Windtop AE2260.

We also have a MSI AIO AE2010 model but haven't yet attempted anything after this experience. Have some reservations this older one will work.

Windows did a check on the existing specs and gave me the all clear, saying my PC was okay and ready for the Windows 10 upgrade.

Prior to do the upgrade to Win10 I also double-checked & re-checked the MSI website and was pleased to see that the onboard graphics card, an ATI Mobility Radeon HD5430 (now branded as a AMD graphics) was all ready with drivrs for the Win10 upgrade path.

I went ahead with the upgrade but then ran into an unexpected fault: The MSI AIO monitor is unable to work at 1920x1080 resolution @60Hz, 32 bit, as it does in Windows 7.

In other words in Win10 it defaults to a lower resolution, at a wrong refresh rate, so the screen is fuzzy, it's far from sharp and also slightly ratio-shape distorted.

Certainly not a pleasant viewing experience, far from it.

I was hoping that the ATI/AMD Control Catalyst graphic card Software would allow me to manually select this, but the software/graphic card is just simply unable to recognize the monitor as it does in Win7: as "MSI AIO PC"

I contacted MSI about this and they came back with the bog standard answer saying my MSI fully assembled by them, a 4/5 year old AIO PC is not supported for Win10.

This is very disappointing from MSI as everything else appears to work fine under Win10 except for "their" monitor.

Being a AIO PC it's not as if I can just go out and replace the monitor.

Is their anyway I can try and find out who actually manufactured this Monitor as I suspect MSI didn't manufacture these themselves but instead sourced this from some Monitor manufacturer/supplier?

That way I could find out if they have a Win10 driver, perhaps give that a shot.