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How do I disable Eyefinity in Radeon Settings?

Question asked by sammyg on Feb 9, 2016
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I installed some non-WHQL Catalyst Beta package for my aging GPU. It includes the new Radeon Settings instead of CCC. I was unable to duplicate my monitor to my TV. There was simply no such option. Not even in the trimmed down version of the old CCC UI which is accessible via a button at the top right of the Radeon Settings UI.


In the end, after a few minutes of fiddling, I somehow managed to accomplish what I wanted by enabling Eyefinity. Now I have what I wanted. I have two monitors displaying the same image. But now I want to disable the second monitor and I can't do it. Again, there is simply no such option. There is even a message on the Eyefinity tab in Radeon Settings UI telling me that I don't have enough monitors for Eyefinity. So it's as if Eyefinity is not even enabled?... Is that right, Eyefinity requires 3 monitors minimum? See I don't even know that, because I could not care less about Eyefinity. All I want is to configure my work space so I can work with two monitors.


How do I remove or disable an "Eyefinity Display Group"? This is where I set this up. But I can't remove it now. I can only change the arrangement, so it fits two monitors on top of each other or to the left and right of each other.


Can someone explain to me how it's possible to have an "Eyefinity Display Group" enabled but have Eyefinity disabled? How does that work out AMD? Because if Eyefinity requires a minimum of 3 monitors, and I have 2 in a group... then that means I have to add another monitor to the group to make it 3 monitors total in that group... and presumably, only after doing so, I will be able to control each monitor in that group, and change things like orientation of each monitor, and what not, and then also remove the group altogether.


So I'm stuck in this mode until I connect a third monitor and add it to the Eyefinity group???.... Great! I will just go out and buy a new monitor so I can disable the uncompleted Eyefinity group on my PC. What kind of junk software is this? Why does duping and mirroring desktops rely on Eyefinity now? What happened to the regular desktop management and arrangement settings that were found in CCC? You should have left those settings in place as a fall back option.


You managed to keep the (almost) entire Catalyst Control Panel UI, with the new Crimson or Radeon Settings... whatever you call this new crapp... what damage would there be in keeping some of the old settings in CCC, the desktop management settings specifically? Look at Microsoft! They did it! They have both the Control Panel and the new "Settings" crapp in Windows 10. Why couldn't you AMD? I know, I know... it's a cake on top of a cake... but apparently that's the way software is made these days. If you can't complete a new software version fully and completely and in time, just strap onto it some old things where it's lacking work and call it a day. Something new, something old, something borrowed... and we can call it Crimson.


So the new mighty Radeon Settings a.k.a. Crimson doesn't have options for cloning and extending desktops across 2 monitors. And the new CCC Slim is not a full featured CCC... so it has received some surgery and one of the organs that have been stripped away are the main desktop arrangement components that allow extending and cloning desktops... so that one can't do it either.


So now I need 3 monitors in order to arrange 2 of them??? Unbelievable!