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    Is it possible to have more than 1 display group active at the same time?


      I am about to get 3 32' monitors to add to my PC setup. That will give me 6 monitors total. My issue is the 3 monitors that I already have are mismatched. There is 1 27' and 2 24' monitors. I want to put the 24's in portrait mode on the end and the 27 above the 32's. Since the 32's will be the main gaming monitors in the center I'd like to have the desktop stretched across them but have the other 3 monitors have there own desktops. (This is mainly due to the size difference).


      What would be the best solution or do I just have to have each monitor with it's own desktop?


      I am currently using Display fusion to have a taskbar on each monitor with different wallpapers on each monitor.



      Just wanted to add my system specs

           Windows 10 Pro

           AMD Phenom II x6

           AMD R9 285x (Will most likely upgrade to 2 R9 390's in crossfire @ a later date)


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