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    R9 Fury and Crimson black screen in game..


      R9 Fury and Crimson Drivers getting black out on monitor(No Signal) in game then it kicks back on after a few seconds..very annoying! I went back to Catalyst 15.20 and it works great. I really would like to be able to use the latest drivers and i really dont want to have to go and mess with Overdrive to get it to work. Ive read something about Crimson capping the power output or something. Is there a fix in the works? I have a R9 Fury X(MSI) and a i7 4690k..16 gigs of mem..SSD drive and a Corsair AX860..i should have plenty of power. I have a big monitor the Acer 34inch Ultra Wide..but still..everything runs great and smooth just in game on occasion sometimes more then not..i get the black no signal screen for a few seconds.