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    I (was) through with Sapphire, now I just feel like an @§§


      I've been having an issue with my Sapphire 290X where if I attempt to adjust the clocks even a single mhz it will cause a black screen causing a reboot. I finally decided to contact Sapphire about it since I think it's related to the bad BIOS they provided to attempt to fix (and failed to fix) a previous issue, and their response was, and this is too stupid not to direct quote


      How old is yoru system? maybe the card at its default speed is bottle necking on your system?

      So after going back and forth with them a few times I realized this guy doesn't know what the term "bottle necking" means and how it's not related to a black screen issue, so Sapphire is now on my blacklist, thus ending my 10 year loyalty to the brand since my first purchase from them. So, my next brand...MSI wouldn't get me as a user if they paid me, and I'm still a bit ticked at XFX over the cooler issue on my 7970...Guess that just leaves ASUS, HIS, Gigabyte, and Powercolor as choices going forward....




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