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    AMD Radeon Settings - Hardware Disabled?


      Hello, I just saw after opening the amd radeon settings > system that (as the screenshot shows) it says under hardware AMD Radeon R9 M275X (Disabled). I don't know if this is something normal or something that is affecting my laptop performance, I've got a Lenovo Y40-70. I'm in the dark here, I don't remember ever reading disabled there (not that I've put attention there).


      Also as an extra, some games that automatically reads your video card for example I've just recently downloaded Black Desert Online - Character Creator, and in the launcher under settings it only shows the Intel one, if I open the options I'm not given my R9 M275X do anyone knows something about this or how to fix it or if it doesn't matter as long as I add the character creator profile under the AMD Radeon Settings?


      Thanks a lot for your time.