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    Creating per app profile with Linux Crimson driver


      I just installed Crimson 15.302 and I really like the easy way to create app specific profiles for certain settings.


      When you create such a profile, you are asked first for the name of the binary of the desired program you want to create a profile for.


      This makes me now wonder, how do you create a profile for an app that is started from a shell script and not directly with a binary?


      One example is Firefox or Thunderbird, /usr/bin/firefox is a link to /usr/lib64/firefox/firefox.sh which is a shell script.

      The actual firefox binary probably is /usr/lib64/firefox/firefox.


      So, when I want to create a profile for Firefox, what do I chose in control center for creating the profile, do I use /usr/bin/firefox or the real binary

      /usr/lib64/firefox/firefox ?