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radeon settings and CCC are unavailable for install

Question asked by fatalerror0x00 on Feb 9, 2016

Simply put I do not have the option to install either CCC or Radeon settings and there for i have no way to configure my graphics card settings on my laptop Windows 10 Pro x64 I originally installed every update since november for crimson edition even the hotfixes (which by the way are super confusing why are they hotfixes and not actual updates?) This whole thing is confusing and stressing me out so someone who can just tell me what is going on and how to fix it...I would greatly appreciate it so I can just get on with things.I been doing tons of research but all I find is oh theres a thing called radeon settings now and they got rid of CCC and i'm like well CCC disappeared but I am looking and researching and don't see Radeon Settings anywhere it should be and so I did a clean uninstall and went to install the hotfix and it has nothing i'm gonna do a clean uninstall now and wait for a reply. I hope someone can get to me soon