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    render poblem help plzzzz


      heey i got a rlly big problem guys my pc can play games as hell no problem at the shop they had a 20 hour test it worked perfect but when i try to render a video on movie maker my pc goes black screen and crash someone knows something of this or maybe its the drivers i tried the normal and beta help plzzzz

      r9 380 4gb

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          what programm you use for rendering? (moviemaker is crap) // what codec? cpu or gpu?


          try virtualdub or something newer

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            Movie Maker is kind of garbage. I don't think that has ANY hardware acceleration on it at all. If you want to try something to see if it is the graphics card then I would suggest downloading Blender. Load it up, change the setting in the top middle from Blender Render to Cycles Render. Then look to the right side, expand "Sampling". Change the render to 10000, then click render. If your computer renders the entire thing without a single issue then the CPU may be fine. In order to use the GPU for rendering though you will have to go in to the settings on the top left under File, then User preferences. Then go to the systems tab to the top right of the window. Set compute devices to OpenCL. Then on the bottom left click "save user settings". Now back to the right side change the device from "CPU" to "GPU Compute". If you need more help getting this set up to check let me know, and I will make a small quick video for you to see. Basically this will stress test the crap out of your system for the CPU and GPU. I use this sometimes instead of Prime95 just due to the fact you can push hard both the graphics card and cpu, and sometimes it causes a crash when others are not.

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