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    enable only two of three monitors


      I have a three monitor setup. Three 24" Dell U2412 monitors. I have a current preset that either disables or enables all monitors.


      Now, I want to enable only two of the three monitors and set that as a preset (i want to only enable the center and left monitor and keep the right monitor disabled).


      I haven't been able to find a way through the new Crimson drivers, should I rollback to Catalyst?

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          Yes. Unfortunately this functionality is not present in our Crimson drivers. You can download Catalyst 15.11.1 Beta here.

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            I have the exact same issue - I was about to ask and found this.  I have a 7870 dual monitor setup, and now I have and HDTV in the room that I want to hook up for gaming etc...  I don't need a triple monitor setup because the TV is not near the computer desk so I want 2 profiles - work and play (main monitor + 2nd monitor vs main monitor + HDTV).  With windows 10 I can manually disable the monitor not is use and enable the other one, but it is a pain.  I thought the ATI drivers would have some profile stuff that may work but the Crimson drivers are useless in this respect - they don't show all three monitors in the driver with the option to have any 2 enabled in a profile....


            I'll try these Catalyst ones mentioned here to see if that solves my problem...