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    Crimson Drivers not saving settings after reboot


      This has happened on every version of this new crimson software. Currently I am on 15.30.1025.1001-151204a...  Windows 10 64bit  HD7970


      I have tried to setup AA, AF and Texture settings for one game in a custom profile. I am sure I am using the correct .exe file as I can see it in the task manager but it never triggers the settings. (This is problem 1) - I'm running Star Wars Galaxies, an older game, not sure if that matters.


      Problem 2 - Since issue 1 doesn't work, I set the AA, AF and Texture settings in the Global Settings section. I can now see the benefits in the game. However every time I reboot all the settings go back to defaults. How do you save the settings you make in the crimson drivers?