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    R9 390 Windows 7 Dual Monitor stopped working


      I've had the XFX R9 390 working for about 6 weeks in a Windows 7 machine with two monitors, both using DVI-D. Worked great.


      Now, only one monitor will display. One is set to 1900x1200 and the other 2560x1440. If the the larger monitor is on, the card shuts the signal off to the smaller monitor. If I look at the screen resolution control panel, I can see that the card is constantly attempting to detect the other monitor.


      If I turn off the larger monitor, the smaller monitor gets a signal and displays at the correct resolution without a problem.


      I've switched cables, switched the display outputs, booted into safe mode and uninstalled the driver software. Re-installed the driver software. No joy. At boot, they both display the boot messages fine.




      Bad card?

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          I switched the monitor that wasn't having problems to DisplayPort and that solved the issue.


          It doesn't really answer the question about why the card was working fine for 5 weeks and then suddenly wasn't.


          It feels like the DVI port went bad.

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            An update: (in case anyone can help)


            I had 2 monitors connected to Windows 7 and an XFX R9 390 with DVI-D cables. After a few weeks, one of the monitors stopped working. After swapping cables, testing the monitor, both monitors and cables worked individually with the card, I switched one monitor to Display Port and suddenly both monitors worked again. For a few weeks. And then the second monitor, still using DVI-D, stopped working. No amount of port switching, cable switching etc could get both monitors to work at the same time. Revert back to 6970 card, everything is great.


            So, fresh reinstall Windows 7. New 1000w power supply (only thing in this box is 3 sata HDs, a dvd drive and video card).


            Start with the R9 390, install latest AMD drivers, works great. For 3 weeks. Second monitor drops out. This time, there is no way to get both monitors to work together with this card. Try another new power supply. No change.


            Thoughts? Why would it work fine for a few weeks, then stop?