Crossfire Support - Unofficial Motherboard - Intel 5520 Chipset LGA 1366

Discussion created by dellienware on Feb 7, 2016

I have Dell Precision T7500 with Intel 5520 Chipset (Dual LGA 1366 socket). Trying to see if I can Crossfire R9 290x. My first AMD cards..


Dell T7500 does not support Nvidia's SLI out of the box and requires the DifferentSLIAuto driver hack to get it to work. I did not have AMD cards to try whether Crossfire works.


This is proprietary board without explicit information from Dell on whether Crossfire will work. So I wanted to ask away. I dug into Google for around 7 hours literally, but no one mentioned that Crossfire works/does not work with the T3500, T5500, T7500 models.


I understand that AMD does not require licensing on the boards like Nvidia does for multi graphics solutions. Does this mean Crossfire will work on any motherboard as long as PCI connects are there? So CCC should give me the option to Crossfire the cards right away?


Just super frustrated.. Thank you for your reply in advance!