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    Last edition of Catalyst


      Is there anywhere I can find the last edition of Catalyst?


      The Crimson suite isn't working worth a **** on my rig.  There are no advanced options, and when I click on "Advanced Setup" it jumps to the update menu and tells me the software is up to date.  The reason I have AMD is because I NEED the advanced options.  My main display is a 50" plasma, and I need the underscan option.  Additionally, AVG totally considers the new software malware!!  WTF?!?!?!


      AMD, you've dropped the ball on this one, BIG TIME.

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          Right first off calm down, you'll get a better response in the forum. This is your issue not AMDs.


          AVG is AVG, you will need to inform them that their software is making mistakes if it bothers you.


          Advanced options are here....

          Overscan advanced settings.PNG

          Preferences > Radeon Advanced Settings - then pops up the "lite" CCC Advanced Settings.

          If this isn't loading, then there is a problem with the installation. Reinstall using this... How to perform a clean driver installation


          Here is a list of past GPU drivers from AMD as requested.