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    R9 380 makes me mad


      ive always been a NVidia person and I was in the market for a new video card and I went out and looked at benchmarks and other peoples review on the r9 380 and it had me convinced that the r9 380 was a better card than the gtx 960 and about $30 cheaper. now that I have the r9 380 it makes me mad to see that the performance of the card is a joke. ive tried every driver from when the card came out 15.15 all the way to 16.1.1 and there isn't a driver that makes me feel the r9 380 is worthy. my set up is as follow





      gskill ddr3 1600

      gigabyte ga970a-ud3p

      sapphire r9 380 nitro 4gb

      Toshiba ssd 240gb





      gskill ddr3 1600

      gigabyte ga970a-ud3p

      sapphire r9 380 nitro 4gb

      Toshiba ssd 240gb


      and with both setups I get the same fps and stuttering and game crashes. I don't want to hear this crap I see your problem  your running a amd processor. im tired of the trash talking intel fan boys. I rmaed my first r9 380 thinking it was a video card issue. while I waited on the replacement I used my sons gtx 950 with driver 359.06 with the fx-6350 and I was playing gta 5 using over 100 megs of video ram cause the card is a 2gb and that card never dropped below 60 fps and always maintained in the low to mid 70 to the mid to low 80 fps and the game never crashed or stuttered. so I say that this card is powerful if amd can get their stuff together and create a driver that shows the full potential of what the r9 380 is capable of or its a marketing gemmic. cause when I play gta 5 I use about 2300 megs out of 4gb card and the card is all over the place with fps never a steady its 38 fps to 70 fps. I mean if a gtx 950 can maintain a decent fps why cant the r9 380. I can even lower the settings and still get fps all over the place. which I know the card should be strong enough to handle my settings in gta 5.


      here is my settings in gta 5:


      directx 11

      screen type: windowed borderless

      resolution: 1920x1080

      fxaa: on

      msaa: off

      vsync: off

      population density: 60%

      population variety: 60%

      distance scaling: 100%

      texture quality: very high

      shader quality: very high

      shadow quality: very high

      reflection msaa: off

      water quality: very high

      particles quality: very high

      grass quality: high

      soft shadows: softest

      post fx: high

      motion blur strength: off

      anisotropic filtering: x16

      ambient occlusion: high

      tessellation: high


      using 2352/4096MB


      I benchmarked gta 5 which is decent and maybe what to expect but of course its offline im online all the time with it so it may be rockstar issue with performance I don't know.

      drivers from 15.15 to 15.11.1 catasyst I get game crashes all the time. the screen will freeze then go to the desktop and tries to go back to the game and its just a black screen and when I click on the screen it goes white and says gta 5 has stopped responding. if I go with any of the crimson drivers the fps start out nice and then dips into the 20's and microstutter but no crashes.


      my son (Williams benchmark was only allowed 1680x1050 due to monitor limit. and he is running the fx-6350 I ran for a while in my computer. so you can compare benchmarks and see if the video card behaviors are off or perfectly fine. I feel that my computer is running under par with my wife's computer (Rebecca)




      was playing GTA 5 using 16.1.1 fix and my game has crashed 2 times in 30 minutes. where the screen freezes and goes to my desktop and then a black screen when I click the black screen it turns white and says gta 5 has stopped responding.

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          guess no one is interested in trying to help me figure out what is going on.


          im beginning to think that no one cares or knows what they are doing with video drivers. I think I have a solution to my problem and I might post it on youtube. its to take the r9 380 and smash it with a 12lb sledge hammer and buy a NVidia card. since amd isn't concerned with my issue since for some reason someone else with the same issue I get blocked from their posting.

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            Have you tried lower setting in GTA, the CPU intensive parts? Vsync on with the lowest settings and see when things drop below 60fps. Can you pinpoint what may cause the stutter in game? Are you able to run in windowed mode with something to monitor your systems utilization of hardware next to it? Setting +50% Power Control in Crimson should help anyway if you haven't.


            You wont be able to compare against an nvidia GPU unless you get one and use your system as the master setup. Online results and reviews tend to be on the top systems around.


            Black screen I have no idea about, not experiencing that. The forum is undergoing maintenance so old posts are being re added and pushing newer ones down, but you post is back at the top. This will be sorted when maintenance has finished.

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                I have copied your settings, including using Borderless Windowed mode and here are my results...


                Frames Per Second (Higher is better) Min, Max, Avg

                Pass 0, 22.351273, 77.178223, 64.016800

                Pass 1, 43.977859, 137.703934, 69.699112

                Pass 2, 39.970577, 99.482239, 67.623581

                Pass 3, 40.166016, 118.970184, 81.577209

                Pass 4, 14.705554, 139.459625, 78.632507


                Time in milliseconds(ms). (Lower is better). Min, Max, Avg

                Pass 0, 12.957023, 44.740181, 15.620899

                Pass 1, 7.261957, 22.738714, 14.347385

                Pass 2, 10.052046, 25.018402, 14.787741

                Pass 3, 8.405467, 24.896669, 12.258326

                Pass 4, 7.170534, 68.001518, 12.717386


                This is with a....

                FX8350@4.75GHz, 250bus, 2500NB and HT, 2000MHz RAM. HD7990 @ 1050clock and 1075memory only using a single GPU (windowed).


                Each test is different in games, do you use any benchmark software for the sake of consistency?

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                    your setup is also overclocked and your using a older graphic card with identical or better settings again the r9 380 should perform better than what it is doing right now. my wifes computer is a old cpu 1090t and a gtx 960 2gb. stuff isn't making any sense as I don't get stuttering with older drivers such as 15.10 beta but it crashes and with new drivers I get microstuttering

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                        Do you need the latest driver, anything on the release notes effect you at all? I see you have tried a couple of the older drivers, are you able to list what drivers you have tried and the results.


                        And as for the GPU performance, it depends really. The difference between these cards is marginal Radeon R9 380 vs HD 7990 so you should be expecting about par performance or in fact less in single GPU operation. The higher end of the R9 scale would certainly blow everything out of the water.


                        I think the main issue here is the stutter, if we can identify the cause we are laughing. Again do you have any means of a consistent benchmark test other than GTA5? We should also confirm you dont have AMD Gaming Evolved (Raptr) doing video capture in the background, on by default.

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                            drivers I have tried are 15.15,15.7,15.7.1,15.10beta,15.11 beta these drivers cause the game to crash same settings in game ive even reduced driver settings and still get crashing. Ive even tried directx 10 still crashed.


                            all the drivers in crimson up to 16.1.1 have seen stutter and very rare but have experienced a couple crashes. ive rmaed the graphic card, motherboard, replaced processor, and have just rmaed my ram to see if any could be defective and I still get the same results. im hitting my head against my desk so much that its cracked (j/k).