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White Screen after installing North Bridge driver

Question asked by ivansantospt on Feb 8, 2016

Hello everyone.


I have a problem with my old Athlon TF-36 / ATI Radeon HD 3200 laptop.

If I install the OEM drivers, they install the North Bridge driver. Then the computer starts overheating and showing white screen if I open any GPU demanding application for less than a minute.


But if I install the drivers from AMD oficial website, they don't install the North Bridge driver, and the laptop can run games like League of Legends at 60 FPS without overheating. The problem is that in any game the computer drops from 60 FPS to 10 FPS like 10 in 10 seconds.


I really feel that I need that North Bridge driver.

Anyone knows how to solve my problem?


Best regards,

Ivan Santos.