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Virtual Super Resolution gets disabled after reboot or shutdown. Any one else experienced the same?

Question asked by raffydelafuente on Feb 7, 2016
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I'm pretty sure this is easy for all of you, but I just can't figure it out on my own.


I installed Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 4 on my laptop due to work purposes and have used the latest Crimson drivers (whql-radeon-software-crimson-edition-16.1-64bit-win10-win8.1-win7-jan7). My laptop does not support 1920x1080 natively, so finding out about VSR is really a treat and I love it. But here's the problem, whenever I activate VSR and choose a display higher than 1366x768, it only work during the time I have made the configuration. Once I reboot or shutdown the laptop, the settings are lost. I have tested the radeon settings on several other settings such as GPU scaling and video settings, their settings all get retained even after shutdown. Now I know this works, because prior this format, I was able to make it work. I just don't know what's different this time. I've reformatted twice and both occasions exhibited the same problem but later on I was able to get VSR permanently working after toggling it several times somehow (although I honestly don't know how I made it work). With that thought in mind, I thought it would work this time. But I am sadly mistaken as it has still not worked. I have tried all day figuring this out to no avail. Any suggestions or ideas why this is? I ran out of ideas. Simply toggling the VSR or GPU scaling until it permanently saves ain't going to help. Hopefully you can have answers... please. Thanks in advance.