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R9 280X running higher temperatures after driver update.

Question asked by lorenzai on Feb 7, 2016

Title says it all. After the last AMD/ATI update through the crimson software, it appears as though my card is running much hotter than it used to. I just had my computer in pieces to verify that there is nothing physically wrong with the card and there is no dust in it and the fans are working as they should.


My computer is:

Intel I5 2300

8GB G.Skill Ripjaw 1333

Powercolor R9 280x   

1 250gb HDD, 1 160GB HD. Both seagate barracuda 7200RPMs.

Biostar H61MGC Motherboard w/ latest bios.


Before the update the card idled from 26-34c depending upon room temperature.  Now it is idling at 47c-54c.  Nothing else has changed.

Please help!