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AMD Name Changer

Question asked by amd1234 on Feb 6, 2016
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What would you name AMD's processors?


AMD needs to change the way they are naming their products to be more appealing to compete with Intel.


The factor that sells a lot of computers is the so called "Computer Guy" in the family. They are the salesman for the industry.


Everyone in the family calls the same relative and asks him/her, "Hey is this computer good? I'm thinking of buying it." and a Link is sent.

The reason the all knowing relative is "computer savvy" is because they only know a little more than the rest of the family, which usually isn't much.

The wise relative in question looks at the specs and sees i7 attached to high numbers of RAM and HD including a graphics card that is

not embedded and responds with, "That's a good computer, Get It!"

It doesn't matter if the i7 is current or an older version, all they know is i7 = Best.


I think AMD needs a refresh.

Their history with names is, let's face it, HORRIBLE!! A few examples being the AMD Athlon, Duron, Turion, Opteron, I mean C'MON!!


Personally I would remove the AMD name all together. Let's be honest here, it has a bad stigma.

AMD should restructure all processor names to target the "computer savvy" relative.


If I was in charge naming new processors I would call them the VR Boards, VR3, VR5, VR7.

I would do this because of the Virtual Reality revolution that is about to occur. That way when the average customer looks at the specs

of a desktop they HAVE to buy for their new Virtual Reality Headset they see a VR Processor and think it's what they need.