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    AMD FX-9590 Prime95 stable @ 5GHz?


      Could people who have this flagship processor running Prime95 stable @ 5GHz post their BIOS settings along with make, model, and version (or revision) of your motherboard. Thank you. I know that each processor is different and one's settings won't necessarily work for others. But I'd like to see the variations between each for comparison.


      I know what I got into purchasing the FX-9590. I'm not much of an overclocker. But I do like overclocked stuff and realized that AMD's flagship CPU is just a factory overclocked 8350. I'm paying for convenience, stability, and piece of mind that it will run at its advertised speed.


      Side Note: I know the Zen processors are coming out this year. But do you think they are also coming out with a factory overclocked FX processor @5GHz out of the box (not Turbo Core), maybe FX-10000, lol?