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    Screen freezing and PC crash.


      Hello Guys,


      I recently bought a PC.

      Configuration is:

      * AMD A8 7600 Kaveri processor.

      * Asus radeon R7 260X gpu.

      * Gigabyte f2a68hm-HD2 motherboard.

      * 1 TB Seagate  Baracuda HDD.

      * Corsair VS 650 watts smps.

      * 4 x 2 Kingston HyperX rams.


      Everything runs smooth on this configuration but when I play FIFA 15 and DOTA 2 the screen just freezes and my PC stops responding. It requires a system restart and there is no error message.


      I have followed these methods to resolve this issue:


      * Clean install of Windows 7

      * Replaced the GPU

      * Replaced the SMPS

      * Upgraded the graphics driver to the latest version (Clean Install)

      * Disabled onboard graphics of processor.


      One thing I noticed that whenever I remove the graphics card these games run very smoothly on my onboard graphics but there is a certain graphical delay, which is  quite expected.

      I am not able to find what the problem is. Sometimes my pc just shuts down while playing these games. I have already spent a lot of money on this PC and already decreased the life of this PC by almost 20-30% because of this problem.


      Kindly help me to resolve this issue.L4dEarnhardtjclarktest222kwong@fusetalk.comkleermaffeopkamd123leiySupport Forums@