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Extra settings in Crimson not booting, Win10

Question asked by musitech on Feb 6, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2016 by musitech

Hi guys,

I've been running AMD Crimson drivers on my Lenovo laptop - (Win 10 64bit) and have managed to get all up to date as at Feb 7th ... Version 16.1.1  ...  Hotfix web--update and all.  Seems to be running pretty well but I'm still finding that the custom settings I make in "Additional Settings" for gamma, brightness etc are not taking effect at boot.  It's as if the Add settings are treated as an independent app in CCC.  (still a bit of Catalyst there!)

I read somewhere that this is a known issue, but AMD are choosing to not address it yet.  I have temp created a boot for CCC in startup folder, but of course, have to close the CCC app after it launches and adjusts the screen settings.
SO ... is the CCC Additional settings going to be included as an integral part of Crimson soon??  Or Crimson will actually contain these settings as it should??  Would love to have a reply on this!