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My computer stopped detecting my XFX R7700 graphics card

Question asked by gern on Feb 6, 2016

I woke my computer up a couple days ago, and nothing was being displayed on my screen. So I hard-restarted the computer, only for it to be he same. I then unplugged my HDMI cable from my graphics card port, and [plugged it into the motherboard's HDMI port, and the screen came on. The computer had booted to the desktop graphics card and was no longer detecting my AMD graphics card. I shut down my computer, removed my graphics card blew everything out and cleaned it all really good, then plugged it back in and rebooted the computer, but nothing had changed. No matter how many times I scan for changes in hardware in the divice manager, it never detects my AMD graphics card, and I've looked under every section, not just the display drivers section. I did a clean install of windows, and it's still the same. I uninstalled all my AMD drivers and tried to reinstall them, but they wont install because it wont detect any AMD hardware. What can I do to make my computer detect my graphics card?


I have windows 10 64bit, and everything is up to date. My graphics card, and everything else has been working fine with windows 10 for several months, until now.


Update: I took an old geforce 430 out of my old computer and put it in, and the computer detected it just fine. So it's not the graphics card port or anything. My computer still will not detect my AMD XFX R7700 graphics card.