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using dual monitors with a R9 XFX 280x

Question asked by on Feb 6, 2016

card: Radeon R9 XFX 280x


OS: Win 7 64bit


software: Radeon Crimson Edition 16.1.1


monitors: LG flatron w2240 1920x1080 (main)


E180HV 1366x768 (second monitor)


this is the VGA to DVI-I adapter im using for both monitors: Cable Matters 2 Pack DVI-I to VGA Male to Female Adapter: Computers & Accessories


cpu: i5 2320


psu: 550W


motherboard: ASUS P8H61-M LX


ram: 8gb




have had this pc for like 3 years now and finally upgraded my graphics card, and on my old graphics card my dual monitor setup was working perfectly, but now i cannot get my PC to detect the 2nd one at all. when i turn on the 2nd monitor, it just says NO SIGNAL then sleeps.


i feel like it might be the adapters since ive tried everything else. the pins on both look completely fine (the adapters are new and the VGA outputs of the monitors themselves aren't new, but they look completely fine, no issues) so i have to assume i'm maybe using the wrong adapters? but there are 2 DVI-I ports on the card, so i have no idea what i could possibly be doing wrong. tell me if you need more information, i've been trying to fix this for about 2 weeks now and i really miss my dual monitor setup.