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Incorrect driver for R5450

Question asked by bigred91 on Feb 6, 2016

I'm building a TV PC.  I'm using an MSI AM1I motherboard with an MSI 5450 video card with AMD Radeon graphics. 

The video works great from both the integrated graphics HDMI port and from the video card HDMI port.

The problem is the audio. 

For a while I didn't get any audio from my HDMI ports.  Then after loading and reloading drivers I finally got

the integrated HDMI video port on the motherboard to produce audio.  The PC showed my sound coming from Samsung audio (per my TV, I guess)

instead of from RealTek or Advanced HD Audio.

But, I can't get any audio from my R5450.  I can't get it to load the driver for my TV's audio.

What to do?