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Linux kernel 4 support

Question asked by das_linux on Feb 6, 2016

Hi there,

I´m new here and still need to figure out things here, especially difference between Support Forums and Community Help.


Ok, I am curious why it is so hard to have kernel 4 support for Catalyst drivers. Kernel 4.x is out for quite some time and the other big company has kernel 4 support since ages...

I want to migrate from NV to AMD GPU, but witout kernel 4 support I hasitate. The only hope is to use the open source radeon, it supports the R7 360 I look at.


So, what are the technical reasons that make kernel 4 support so difficult for Catalyst?


Last question, how mature is the open source radeon driver in kernel 4.1.15 and Mesa 11.0 / Xorg 7.6 regarding the R7 360 GPU?