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AMD Drivers not installing CCC AT ALL, NO OPTIONS, AD Utility installs "wrong" driver

Question asked by dahgz on Feb 6, 2016

This is getting horribly frustrating.


I recently purchased a Sapphire R9 380. Came in today and after install I am having huge driver issues.


Used AMD utility and Guru Uninstaller, and installed latest drivers (16.1.1 hotfix, as well as attempted the 12/14/2016 version).

This gave me a Radeon Settings menu that, when I click additional settings, does nothing. Interestingly, I can't find CCC anywhere.

Its not on my computer, its not in the downloaded driver. The only file in the package that says ANYTHING like it is ControlCenterActions.dll.


If I use the driver detect utility, it attempts to install an older version of the driver, for windows 8.1. I am running windows 10.


Essentially, this means I cannot get to any of the meat of the settings. As soon as the driver installs, it changes my resolution like normal, and I would

normally use overscan settings to make it match my hdtv, which doesnt have any screen size settings. I click additional setting and get nothing.


This system is an a10-7870k running on a Crossblade Ranger. Using the APU only, and the latest APU driver, 16.1.1 or the most recent non hotfix, I can click the additional settings button and get the CCC to pop up and let me make all the changes I need to. Use DDU to setup for card install, uninstall drivers, install card, install drivers, no cigar. What am I doing wrong here?