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AMD Readon 7540m lags

Question asked by captainhexagon on Feb 6, 2016

Hello There, i have a severe problem in which my gpu lags alot when playing games.


now my laptop is Dell Inspiron N4050 which is a Ubuntu by default but i have installed windows 7 Instead.


So the driver for my gpu is from what i found on dell's website since the one from amd (AMD Catalyst 15.7.1) doesn't work as it doesn't detect my gpu.

and the old driver (the one from dell) doesn't work on windows 10.


so i speculate that the problem is due to old driver  but i can't fix it because the new driver won't detect my gpu.


Farther info:

when playing games (BF2:PR/ CS:GO/ etc...) it lags from time to time (lag spikes) and by time to time like every 20 sec.


Please Help