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R9 270 FX 6300 Computer crashing.

Question asked by bestscopena on Feb 6, 2016

My Build

GPU: R9 270

OS: Windows 8.1 64bit

Driver Version:16.1.1 Hotfix

Display Devices: Dell E228WFP, HDMI @60Hz

CPU: FX-6300


PSU: Corsair CX500M



My Problem

I've been having crashing problems ever since installing my new parts (gpu an cpu) and they're becoming only more frequent as time goes by. I'm not sure if it's a driver problem or a hardware problem so I came here to see if anyone is having the same problem and have a fix for it or not.


The crashes can range from 20 seconds after start up on the desktop or after being on CS:GO for a few hours. I can be watching youtube or just browsing the internet and suddenly the screen just flickers violently and reboots. Odd enough the crashes barely happen while in game but usually happen when on steam market or on the internet, it's rare that the computer has actually crashed in game which may point to a cpu problem. I installed whocrashed to get a detailed report of my crashes and this it what it gave back Gyazo - 3dadc289a4b4b11f1ffdcd4f499d1482.png  Also about twice my display drivers have crashed while playing on CS:GO but they refreshed so I didn't they much of it.I play CS:GO on very high settings and avg about 200+ fps (doesn't only happen on GO though.) Also I play on 1024x768 on all games.


This has been an on going problem since I installed the hardware and drivers and after installing the new hotfix drivers my screen sometimes jitters a bit (most frequently when scrolling.) I'd appreciate it if anyone who has had the same problem tell me what they have done to fix it or attempt to narrow down what the driver/hardware error is.


Minidumps are attached