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    COD BO3 Huge fps problems


      Hi there I have just bought a new gaming pc with a AMD Radeon nitro r7 370 OC grpahics  card 8GB Ram 1tb and a FX4300 3.8 GHZ but im only getting 20 to 30 fps with the lowest settings and my friend has the same things in his pc but only a other graphics card and he can run it fine at high/medium  so i thought i would look for a driver update i found the crimson update Crimson Edition 16.1.1 Hotfix but it was nothing better and the game is starting really really slow so I enabeld draw fps and still only 20 to 30 fps on the lowest settings its really frustrating and I dont know what to dowis there some one please some one who could help me

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          Hey zabarion,


          There's a few reasons you may be experiencing issues. Firstly, if yours is the 2GB version, the Nitro R7 370 OC 2GB is an entry level card graphics card in regards to AAA gaming, thus why you aren't getting the performance you might be searching for currently. The R7 370 OC 2GB is fairly comparable to an R9 270 2 GB from the previous generation. When looking at the benchmark guide below, you can see that the results you are currently getting are roughly (somewhat) just about where they should be....kind of.




          The Nitro R7 370 OC 2GB would fall below the cards benchmarked above, but as an example, as you can see the R9 370 is getting roughly 38FPS at a resolution of 1080p, but that's at much higher in game settings then you currently have applied, yet it also has vast resources at it's disposal in comparison. When viewing the above benchmarks, you must keep in mind that the R9 370 is a 4GB card and Black Ops III uses quite a bit of video memory in comparison to many other AAA titles (it's badly optimized for entry level gaming cards). Generally speaking Black Ops III players using almost any 2GB graphics card have been experiencing performance issues of some sort sadly.


          Now with that being said, that's not to say that you can't improve it to get a more satisfactory experience or that your card isn't capable of more, just letting you know the general baseline that's already been established by another third party technician, so you can see that even extremely high end graphics cards aren't reaching the performance they usually would in comparison to other comparable AAA titles that are more graphically demanding (more visually impressive) such as Battlefied 4, yet the latter also happens to be much more optimized over the broad spectrum of differing tiers of graphics cards. So, sadly it's not just you experiencing these issues, but in the least it brings it all into perspective (hopefully).


          So, now that you have a firmer grasp of the background of the situation at hand, I'll be happy to attempt to assist you in hopefully reaching a more acceptable and playable game state.


          Please, read below.


          Please copy/paste your Black Ops III "Config.ini" file below for me to review. I'll ascertain what changes (if any) need to be made to your advanced game graphics settings that can only be accessed via that location. Once I determine what changes need to be made and complete them, I'll post the newly adjusted "Config.ini" below in a response as soon as possible. When responding, please also make sure to send me a message to bring it to my attention that you responded below. My inbox gets extremely cluttered and it's sometimes difficult to single out specific correspondence from the community. I've began assisting many in the community, but because they don't bring it to my attention when they respond to me in their request for technical assistance, it gets lost and sadly it never reaches me.


          How to locate your "Config.ini" file


          • Go to your Steam games library "details view"


          • Right click on Black Ops III


          • Select Properties


          • Select the Local Tab


          • Select Browse Local Files


          • Open the "Players" folder


          • Open the "Config.ini" file with Notepad


          • Copy the entire contents of the "Config.ini' file


          • Paste them here below in a response


          • Message me directly that you have responded to this thread to bring it to my attention


          I can't guarantee what performance increase I'll be able to obtain for you, but you will receive a performance increase nonetheless. In a best case scenario, hopefully I can bring you closer to a more satisfactory 60 FPS experience that will ensure that you can compete in online multiplayer without being at a disadvantage due to an unstable frame rate.


          Looking forward to your reply and have a nice day.

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              First off all thanks and I hope you can help me trough this but yea here's is the config file

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                  Hey zabarion,


                  O.k I made quite a few changes to your config.ini, as there were many settings set far higher (set to extra) than your card is capable of producing properly without severely reducing performance. That's just not realistic bud. The changes I have made will provide the smoothest experience, balanced with best visual quality your card is capable of producing. Most importantly, we're targeting 60 frames per second, at a resolution of 1080p and 100% rendering resolution percentage (Which is a dramatic upgrade to your previous Config.ini's settings).


                  Before you continue, I need you to open the Radeon Crimson Control Panel and match your Black Ops III profile to everything listed below in the screen capture presented below. Ensure everything is identical.


                  Radeon Crimson Control Panel



                  The Config.ini


                  Once you have matched everything as mentioned above, copy the newly edited Config.ini contents below and paste them over the current Config.ini. Once complete, make sure to save. Do not change anything once in game, some settings may not be represented as if they took effect, they have. Disregard the incorrectly displayed in game graphics settings. As treyarch's @pcdev already knows of this bug and will tend to it, in a future update patch. They've taken effect, so no changes will need to be made and the below configuration will provide you with the smoothest experience for your graphics card.



                  MaxFPS = "60" // 0 to 1000

                  DrawFPS = "1" // 0 or 1

                  SmoothFramerate = "0" // 0 or 1

                  FOV = "80" // 65 to 120

                  SplitscreenOrientation = "0" // 0 or 1

                  VoiceChat = "1" // 0 or 1

                  SoundOcclusion = "1" // 0 or 1

                  MouseFilter = "0" // 0 to 10

                  MouseAcceleration = "0" // 0 to 1

                  MouseSensitivity = "15.98" // 0.1 to 30

                  MouseVerticalSensitivity = "0.022" // -1 to 1

                  MouseVerticalLook = "1" // 0 or 1

                  CorpseCount = "32" // 1 to 32

                  MaxFrameLatency = "1" // 0 to 4

                  SerializeRender = "0" // 0 to 2

                  AutoDetectHasRun = "1" // 0 or 1

                  LastDriverNvidia = "0" // 0 or bigger

                  LastDriverAMD = "150030" // 0 or bigger

                  VideoMemory = "1" // 0.75 to 1

                  RestrictGraphicsOptions = "0" // 0 or 1

                  FullScreenMode = "1" // 0 to 2

                  WindowX = "17" // -8192 to 8192

                  WindowY = "0" // -8192 to 8192

                  WindowSize = "1920x1080"

                  RefreshRate = "60" // 1 to 240

                  Monitor = "1" // 0 to 8

                  Vsync = "1" // 0 or 1

                  ResolutionPercent = "100" // 50 to 200

                  DisplayGamma = "sRGB" //  sRGB, rec.709, or rec.709 - Limited

                  BackbufferCount = "2" // 2 to 3

                  MeshQuality = "0" // 0 to 8

                  TextureFilter = "2" // 0 to 2

                  TextureQuality = "2" // 0 to 3

                  TextureQualityFX = "2" // 0 to 15

                  TextureQualityProbes = "0" // 0 to 16

                  TextureQualityBakedSunShadows = "0" // 0 to 2

                  TextureLowDetailResident = "1" // 0 or 1

                  DisableDynamicLightShadows = "0" // 0 or 1

                  DisableDynamicSunShadows = "0" // 0 or 1

                  SpotShadowTextureSize = "2048" // 128 to 8192

                  OmniShadowTextureSize = "256" // 128 to 2048

                  ShadowFiltering = "1" // 0 or 1

                  ActorShadows = "8" // 0 to 16

                  VolumetricLightingEnabled = "1" // 0 or 1

                  VolumetricLightingMaxSunSamples = "8" // 1 to 256

                  VolumetricLightingMaxLightSamples = "40" // 1 to 256

                  VolumetricLightingSkipSunSamples = "1" // 0 or 1

                  VolumetricLightingSkipLightSamples = "1" // 0 or 1

                  OIT = "1" // 0 or 1

                  OITLayers = "8" //  8, 9, 12, or 16

                  SSAOTechnique = "GTAO Low Quality" //  Disabled, HEMIAO, GTAO Low Quality, GTAO Medium Quality, GTAO High Quality, or GTAO Ultra Quality

                  AATechnique = "None" //  None, FXAA, SMAA 1x, Filmic SMAA 1x, SMAA T2x, or Filmic SMAA T2x

                  MotionBlur = "Off" //  Off, Auto, or On

                  MotionBlurQuality = "Medium" //  Low, Medium, or High

                  SubsurfaceScattering = "1" // 0 or 1

                  AutoRestoreFullscreen = "1" // 0 or 1

                  ShowPerformanceGraph = "0" // 0 to 16


                  In closing


                  Once you have completed, everything above. Load Black Ops III and monitor your frame rate while playing a normal session with a target playing time of twenty minutes or roughly two matches, no less (more is fine). Reply back to me below and let me know a rough estimate of your frame rate over the course of said gameplay. Theoretically sixty frames per seconds should be the norm and hopefully stable throughout. If it is in fact completely stable the entire session, I will then make one final adjustment increasing certain settings which I know would require the least resources without reducing performance.


                  Anyways, good luck and hopefully now you can enjoy a much smoother Black Ops III experience. Looking forward to you reply.

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