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    fury x graphical glitches, artifacting in games


      I've recently purchased a Fury X and I havent been able to play games on it normally yet. When playing games on 3840x2160 on my ASUS PB287Q using DP cable I get severe graphical glitches after some time. These include: flickering, artifacting and some times lead up to losing display input, black screen where I have to do a hard reset. I've looked up several threads but none of them seem to have an answer.


      My hardware is:

      i5 6600k @3.9

      Sapphire Fury X non OC

      ASUS Z170 pro gaming

      NZXT S340

      EVGA 750W Bronze


      Using Windows 10


      It never happens on desktop or while browsing. It only happens after gaming at maximum load for a few minutes. The temperature has never been higher than 65 degrees celcius, so I doubt it's overheating. But it still only happens when the card is under full load. It never happens while browsing or during general desktop use.


      Here are some examples:


      Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet

      Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet

      Fury X problems - YouTube

      Fury X problems 2 - YouTube


      Examples are from IL2 cliffs of dover because I play it the most currently but I have also had it in other games like company of heroes 2 and warthunder.

      I would like to figure out whether this is driver related or hardware related because my RMA deadline is approaching.


      Another note is that the watercooler is mounted at the front of the case as an exhaust, the whole fan construction is located below the card and the water pipes are below the fan. But seeing as the temp never goes beyond 65 I doubt its causing it.


      I've tried every driver, from catalyst 15.7 to crimson 15.11 and 16.1.1. Some of them make it worse than others. Using clockblocker also severely decreases the frequency and the chance of crashing, but its not completely gone. If you need more info please let me know.


      EDIT: it only seems to happen when my card goes over 60 degrees. Is there a way to set a temperature limit?