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    bug: linux + ati driver + gdm doesn't work




      I use my laptop with ATI graphics for two years or so, since times where support for this particular chip was only available in beta version of the driver (Radeon HD 8730M).


      I'm sad to discover that after switching to Gnome3 I can not use ati proprietary driver (radeon-crimson-15.12-15.302-151217a-297685e.zip). It is even more sad to discover that the bug which affects me is known for over two years and it seems that open source community didn't get much help in terms of solving this issue.


      Would it be possible for someone from ATI to help the community to solve the issue?



      Its really sad that this days we, as Linux users, must still suffer from such situations. I can understand 10 years ago, when we were considered as freaks but these days?