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CLI.exe - loaded preset, doesn't hold after monitor 1 of 3 sleeps and is reawakened

Question asked by noelc on Feb 5, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2016 by noelc

I now use the provided CLI.exe tool in the CCCSlim folder to load a preset I have saved, which sets my monitor calibrations up just as I want them.  This happens at login via a Startup group entry which runs a .BAT file.  All fine and good, except I really shouldn't have had to code that file - Crimson lost the ability to auto-load a preset.  But that's not why I'm here.


With the setup I described, and Crimson 16.1, occasionally when the monitors go to sleep on system inactivity - but not EVERY time - monitor 1 loses its calibration and becomes bluer-looking.  Reloading the preset from within CCC.exe by clicking on its name clears it up.  The other two don't seem to lose their calibration.




What can be done to make sure the preset stays in force?


This was never a problem with pre-Crimson drivers, which loaded the last preset used when CCC.exe started and always kept the calibration on all 3 monitors even across monitor sleep power-downs.


At this point I'm looking into whether I can schedule the CLI.exe Start Load profilename="Noels sRGB" command on wakeup to reload the preset.  That may be possible; I'm not sure.


Could this be related to the "monitor corruption" problems being reported elsewhere?