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Diablo 3 "black screen" crashes

Question asked by on Feb 5, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2016 by kingfish

When the new season 5 was introduced, I started playing D3 again, but as soon as I started playing, after few mins into the game black screen would appear the game would crash and I had to terminate the program (d3) via task manager.


I checked on forums and such and they pointed some problems in the drivers and as a solution they suggested dx9 drivers 13.12. Needles to say I tried every solution that I could find or would be presented to me by the blizzard support team (cause I submitted ticket), but my problem is still ongoing, even after installing the latest 16.1.1 hotfix, my game still crashes.


Just so that I wouldn't put a wall of text here i wont number each and every possible solution's that I have tried, but if there is something from the forums available, belie me I have tried it.


Now is there any way to fix this problem, or I just have to accept the thing as it is.


*If needed be I can attach any files if you think that would help you to figure out my problem