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AMD Firepro W5100

Question asked by blank1 on Feb 5, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2016 by blank1

o/s Windows 10

Monitor Eizo CX271

Gfx card AMD Firepro W5100


Monitor checked by Eizo tech team.

Windows checked via app. by tech team at Microsoft.



Loaded new driver shows (64bit) shows up as 32 bit. Loaded unloaded and reinstalled.

Resolution shows as 1920x1200.

The monitor is designed for much higher resolution, AMD catalyst controller will not go further than 1920x1200.


This is not a windows or monitor issue... it's an AMD driver issue, noted by Eizo and Microsoft.


Solution ?


If there is no solution then the gfx card will have to be returned and fully compensated and go with another manufacturer that has a fully working driver.


From this date posted to 12 Feb will be returned..... if a solution is not found.