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switchable graphics issue

Question asked by alperunlu on Feb 5, 2016

i have hp laptop af101nt which has amdA6 processor with r4 integrated graphics.the pc itself also has ati radeon r5 m330 graphics card.
when i try to play dota2 with my laptop i was getting low fps.becaus pc tries to use r4 graphics card.does not switching the card.i did everything.changed options in radeon settings.
make the game worked in high performance card.but nothing changed.i read an article about that and they said change switcheble graphic options to fixed in bios.but i dont have any option about switchable graphics in bios.i talked with hp support and they said that option is for older versions.u cannot change that option with your computer in your bios.
i think this failure about opengl thing.but i cannot fixed even.