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    Games cannot find graphcis card


      Hello guys,

      a few days ago I started having a problem with my graphics card. For some reason, most games just wont run. Most crash with no error, but the ones with notable errors are Battle.net, Terraria and Dirty Bomb. Battle.net says:



      Terraria says:

      terraria error.png


      Dirty bomb says:


      Now, the autodetect utility from AMD says my drivers are up to date, but the AMD Gaming Evolved says I need to update to 16.1, then sends me to the link for drivers of a different card than mine. I downloaded and installed originally from the recommended site, and it told me 'Graphics drivers have not been installed', so I tried from the legacy tab(this listed as supporting my card) and it said it worked, but did not change anything or fix the problems. I have taken the Battle.net error up with blizzard, and they said they have no idea. Here are my specs:

      Graphics Card:

           AMD Radeon HD 6530D


           Windows 10, 64 bit

      Driver Version:

           15.201.1151.0 (I'm not sure other than that, i've tried installing other versions and nothing changed)


           Viewsonic VA2232 1680x1050 60HZ


           I have no idea


           Again, don't know how to find out

      Power Supply:

           Again, I dont know


           8 GB