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    InstallManagerApp lies to me? 


      Help me trust this program:



      Call me cynical, but when I see a very basic window appear that remains on top yelling "Upgrade your driver now" without specifying the driver, no clear way to say "No", and requires me to dig through processes to identify it....It raises a huge red flag. 

      The first time I had nothing running, I verified my current driver version with AMD.com using a different PC.  I had the current version.  Instinctively I killed my power, and spent a day cleaning files.

      It's a month later and it happened again.  Found out it was InstallManagerApp.exe sitting in the Bin64 directory.



      InstallManagerApp.exe yells at me to upgrade my driver with general wording.

      AMD's Radeon Settings app tells me that I am up to date.

      AMD.com says I am up to date.


      Please convince me that InstallManagerApp.exe is legit software.

      The only argument in it's favor is: forum posts tell me that A Installmangerapp.exe is supposed to exist.

      I currently want to purge it from my PC, what will be the consequences?


      Thanks in advance.