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DIY desktop computer build will not POST after assembly/no display output

Question asked by on Feb 5, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2016 by deucer

Several weeks ago, I purchased a DIY desktop computer build kit from NEWEGG which included an AMD FX-8350 Black Edition Vishera 8-Core 4.0 GHz Desktop Processor and an MSI 990FXA-GD65V2 Desktop Motherboard. After installing the motherboard, CPU, RAM, etc,. I powered on the system, but the system would not boot. The motherboard and CPU are clearly receiving power (LED lights on motherboard are lit, CPU and case fans rotating, etc.) I have swapped out the RAM, graphics card, and PSU but continue to experience the same problem. I concluded that the motherboard must be faulty and therefore returned it for a replacement, but after receiving the new motherboard and reassembling the components, I continued to experience the same problem.  I then took the system to a computer repair facility for testing.  They were able to boot the system with a replacement CPU so I returned the AMD CPU I originally purchased from NEWEGG as part of the build kit and received the replacement CPU (same processor make and model) yesterday.  However, after installing the new CPU and powering the system on, it still will not boot and the display indicates "no signal" and remains black.  I do not know what brand/model CPU the computer technician used when he tested my system and have assumed that the motherboard and CPU I purchased from NEWEGG are compatible since they were sold together as part of a "kit," but it's hard to imagine that both AMD processors I have received from NEWEGG are defective.  Is anyone aware of a compatibility issue involving the MSI 990FXA-GD65V2 Desktop Motherboard and the AMD FX-8350 Black Edition Vishera Desktop Processor?  Any suggestions on how to get this system up and running?


Additional information:  I just spoke with the technician who analyzed my system and was able to get it to boot after installing a different CPU.  He used an AMD Phenom 2-core processor and was able to get the system to boot right up.  He questioned whether the MSI motherboard was able to handle the 125 watts required for the AMD 8-core processor, but agreed with me that if Newegg were selling these two items as part of a "kit," they should be compatible. 


Message was edited by: Stephen Purcell Thanks to Black_Zion and L4d.  After raising this issue with MSI tech support, I got the following response: MSI Tech. 02/05/2016 Hello Mr. Purcell yes this motherboard does support the FX-8350 CPU. If the motherboard worked with a different type of CPU its possible that the BIOS on the motherboard is not current enough to support the 8350. The board not having a current enough bios version could explain why it works with a different CPU since the 8350 is on the support list for this board. Based on this response, the question I now have is, without a working CPU, how do I update the BIOS?  Do I need to return to the technician who worked on my system previously and have him use the AMD Phenom processor to boot the system and then update the BIOS or is there another way?  Thanks again for your timely and helpful responses.


Update on system status:  At the request of MSI tech support, after determining that I had the latest BIOS version installed for my 990FXA-GD65V2 motherboard, I got a replacement FX-8350 processor and installed it.  The system simply will not boot with that processor (but works fine with the Phenom II processor).  I have provided this information to MSI's tech support and am awaiting their reply to my question about what, if anything else, they can suggest that will allow me to us my MSI motherboard with the FX-8350 process.or